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rub one out.

life goes on.

Posted on 2010.10.13 at 16:45
Current Mood: hornyhorny
So, hey. For those who still follow me basically the details are I got involved in a monog relationship and my sex life quieted down for a while. Things have once again changed and I am on the dick prowl once more. Uncertain whether I should keep this journal here, make it a tumblr (maybe both?) or maybe make a fetlife account and keep thing going as a journal on there. I still have love for livejournal, just as an exhibitionist need to go where the eyes are.

Damn there is some steamy shit in my archive. It feels really far away now, almost like I was on drugs at the time or something. (I wasn't.) just the drug of the early T libido.

I have a play date in the works.

rub one out.
Posted on 2008.11.28 at 07:49
Just some thoughts about looking for hook ups...no NSFW content...
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rub one out.

craigslist guys say the stupidest shit sometimes

Posted on 2008.10.03 at 22:18
these were too funny not to share:

"i would like to stuff your big clit with my cock"
-you sir have no idea what a clit is

"I am not looking for a t-girl, I understand what you have and am curious what you are looking for. Most women transitioning to a male gender would be interested in women, yet you are looking for a man. Just curious."
-thanks for the LGBT 101 lesson. I think the fact that I used cock/dick 8 times in my ad should not be leaving you this confused.

"you are just the woman for me, a male on the outside but a woman on the inside."
-you sir have no idea what a woman is

"I've got today off and would love to spend it draining each others bodily fluids."
-i sort of get what you mean, but it also sounds like mortuary play, which is not a turn on.

rub one out.

bathhouse virgin

Posted on 2008.10.02 at 05:07
so, i had my first bathhouse experience this past weekend, and will document it here for all who are interested:

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Posted on 2008.05.09 at 11:58
Poll #1185253 formatting, simple question

is the format of my journal hard to read?

very much

rub one out.
Posted on 2007.08.25 at 21:44
I'm collecting and adding a few other semi-anonymous, mostly friends unlocked ftm sex journals.  if you have any i haven't found yet, let me know.